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Jigglypuff The Stray Pokemon
“Lucas what’s wrong!” Gwen stared at him. “What did Jigglypuff give you?”
“It… it’s… a Poké Ball.” Lucas cried.
“But that would mean-”
“She was left here… by her trainer.”
“Why didn’t… why wasn’t she released?”
“I don’t know.” Lucas clenched his fists. “But I’m gonna find out.”
“Wait… where are you going?”
“To the Pokémon Centre in Pewter City.”
“I got a better idea.”
Gwen led them to the Pokémon Centre just near the entrance to Mount Moon. The centre was very quiet as nightfall fell over the mountain. The moon alone in the cloudy purple sky. Nurse Joy was on the computer as the two walked up to her.
“We need to use the computer it’s an emergency.” Gwen asked.
“Jigglypuff yes I know of her. She has been causing trouble for trainers for quite some time.
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Pewter City - Gym Battle
“So where’s the gym located on the campus?” Lucas asked as he followed Gwen.
“The gym’s located in the university’s gym, original I know.” Gwen added. “But makes sense since the gym leader is also a master martial artist, athlete you name it he’s it.”
“Hey look at that crowd!”
Gwen stopped as she saw a huge crowd of spectators lining up to get a seat for the battle. The gym was a stone grey colour with a glass dome ceiling.
“Lucas you have to show that guy over there the Pokégear app. He’ll let you in. Good luck!” Gwen cheered as she headed in.
Lucas showed the man the app and let him in. Lucas walked slowly towards the arena.
“I’m so nervous, what strategy will I use? Wait do I even have a strategy? I feel ill…”
A mix of anticipation, nervousness and excitement flowed through him. His first gym battle. With this win he’ll be one step closer to entering the Pok
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Pewter City - New Day
“What do you guys wanna do?”
Lucas asked just as the group reached the Pewter City Pokémon centre. Kelly seemed down when she got her Bulbasaur back.
“Kelly you okay?” Lucas asked sitting beside her in the centre’s café.
“Yeah I’m fine it’s just… when those Beedrill attacked us I…”
“I know you’re just shaken up since Bulbasaur was knocked out.”
“WHAT!” She stood up. “That’s not why I’m upset your idiot!”
“Then why are you upset!?” Jake asked joining the conversation.
“Yes… you’re right I am upset about Bulbasaur fainting during the battle but I’ve been thinking I’m not gonna become stronger travelling with the two of you. So after today I’m gonna travel alone.”
“Kelly I-” Lucas gasped.
“No she’s right.” Jake agreed. “I’ve been thinking the same thing too.”
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Pokemon Fan Fic - The Adventure Begins
"So young trainer what Pokémon will you choose. We got Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise."
“It was only a dream.”
Lucas thought to himself as he got up and dressed. Today’s the day he could begin his journey as a Pokémon trainer. He looked around his room, the untidiest room in all of Kanto, figuring out what he needed for his big adventure. He had prepared a bag last night but he double checked just to be sure.
"Make sure you have everything honey." His mom, Annette, asked as he walked into the kitchen. "Oh I can’t believe your leaving today. Now you have everything, spare clothes?"
"Your Pokégear vouchers."
As usual he did forget something, his vouchers for the new Pokégear. They were beside his bed next to his Jigglypuff alarm clock. He headed downstairs.
"Okay now I have everything. I gotta or I’ll be late."
“Bye honey.” She gave him a kiss. “Be careful.”
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Harley Quinn by Lucas170791 Harley Quinn :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 2 0
The New Generation - Rose City: Part 3
Lucas met up with Prof. Oak after he had heard the announcement of his next battle. He switched some of his Pokémon before heading to the arena. The arena, as usual, was choked full of people. Lucas could see his mam, Avril and Prof. Oak. He could also see that girl Lily who he had met yesterday.
“Remember trainers only two Pokémon.” The two trainers took their Positions. “This will be a two on two battle between Lucas and Harold! BEGIN!”
“Okay let me start this off with Girafarig!”
“Fine then I choose you Politoed!”
Lucas took out his Pokédex. The entry on Girafarig read.
Girafarig the Long Neck Pokémon. Its tail has a small brain of its own. Beware! If you get close, it may react to your scent and bite.
“Girafarig use future sight!”
“Um… okay Politoed use mud shot!”
“Girafarig use protect!”
“Quick use ice punch!” Before Politoed could attack he w
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The New Generation - Rose City: Part 2
“Trainers to the Pokémon Centre the first round challengers are to be revealed.”
The announcer said over the speakers throughout the apartments in Rose City. Lucas and Avril headed for the main Pokémon Centre. There were loads of trainers all waiting to see who will be battling who. Nurse Joy picked up a microphone.
“Trainers look at the screens.” Nurse Joy called out. “The first round challengers will appear on the screens. Just to remind everyone of the rules of the Pokémon League. The first round consists of two battles. Trainers can only use two Pokémon. If you win the two battles you are through to the next round. If you lose one and win one you are to battle again. If you should win the third battle you are through to the next round.”
“Look the trainers are being placed together.” Avril looked up at the large screens. “Hey Lucas there’s your picture.”
“I’m one of the first ba
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The Four - Chapter One (Version 2)
I've always thought my life would have turned out differently, like maybe I would have continued college or been an actor like my mother. I recently got a call from the people organising my grandmother’s will and told me that I inherited her manor and also a large sum of money. They told me that if I didn’t move in to the manor they would knock it down so I was left with no option but to move. I didn’t really leave anything behind I never felt close to anything and recently been noticing it a lot more.
   “Hello?” I said pulling in to answer my phone.
   “Hey honey, are you almost there?” My mam replied. “Stop I’m talking to my darling son.”
   “Yeah should be there in a few minutes where are you?” I paused for a minute.
   “Sorry sweetie I have to go. Call me later.” My mam replied as she hung up.
   My mam, she was a very well-known actress but she nev
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The New Generation - Rose City: Part 1
Lucas, Avril and Professor Elm travelled through Route 45 heading for New Bark Town. Professor Elm had a boat which they would use to reach Cianwood City onwards to Rose City and the Johto Pokémon League.
“I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of your Pokémon.” Avril smiled.
“You’ll see them when we reach Rose City.”
“Are we near New Bark Town?” Avril looked at Elm who was fascinated by the evolutionary stones that Lucas showed him. “Professor?”
“Hmmm… oh yes we’re just there.” Elm stared into the Water Stone. “See!”
The Professor pointed and the three could see New Bark Town. It was getting late when they arrived at Elm’s home so he said they would set off in the morning. Elm showed them to a spare room and said goodnight. Lucas and Avril stayed up for hours talking about their Pokémon, their adventures together and the friends they’ve made. The next morn
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A Wild Goomy Appeared - Happy Halloween! by Lucas170791 A Wild Goomy Appeared - Happy Halloween! :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 0 0 Birthday Cake 5 of 5 by Lucas170791 Birthday Cake 5 of 5 :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 0 0 Birthday Cake 4 of 5 by Lucas170791 Birthday Cake 4 of 5 :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 1 0 Birthday Cake 3 of 5 by Lucas170791 Birthday Cake 3 of 5 :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 1 0 Birthday Cake 2 of 5 by Lucas170791 Birthday Cake 2 of 5 :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 2 0 Birthday Cake 1 of 5 by Lucas170791 Birthday Cake 1 of 5 :iconlucas170791:Lucas170791 0 0
The New Generation - Blackthorn City
A mysterious mountain village cut into a rock face.
Lucas looked at his Pokégear and noticed that it was getting late. His last Johto gym battle would have to wait until tomorrow. The two yawned their way over to the Pokémon Centre. Nurse Joy greeted them as she showed them to a spare room. Lucas, even though he was tired, couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking of what Pokémon he, and Blackthorn City’s gym leader, will use. He eventually fell asleep. The next morning the two found a cosy café where they could get some breakfast. They sat outside, a nice breeze danced around the sunny morning.
“You nervous?” Avril sipped on her tea.
“A little I mean this is the last gym before I can enter the Johto League.”
“I know you’ll be fine.”
“I’ve never fought a dragon type Pokémon before.”
The two finished their breakfast and headed for the gym. The Blackthorn City gym was located inside the Dragon’s Den, a place whe
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